Sunday, June 26, 2011


Written by Eileen Rosenthal

Illustrated by Marc Rosenthal

(Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2011)

Linus had his blanket, but most of us clung to a stuffed animal during our younger years. Mine was a well-chewed grey dog named Woofie that disappeared for years, only to turn up at the bottom of our deep freezer in the basement. I still blame my sister.

In I Must Have Bobo!, Willy's morning gets off to a rocky start when he discovers that his beloved socky monkey has vanished. Billy is distraught. How can he cope with all the uncertainties in life without Bobo?!

The story is a delightful battle for Bobo between Willy and Earl, the family pet. Bobo's back with Willy. Bobo's gone again.

Can Willy and Earl learn to share Bobo?

The simple, colorful illustrations and short text complement each other perfectly. This book will make both children and adults smile. And maybe a few of us older readers will secretly hug a teddy bear when looking at bills online or before bedtime. At the very least, hug the family pet!

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