Monday, February 13, 2012


By Jeremy Tankard 
(Candlewick Press, 2008) 

Roar! Grr! 
Sometimes when me hungry, me act like caveman. Me want food. Me want food now! 
Yes, Jeremy Tankard’s amusing picture book captures the primeval instincts that surface when the stomach churns. Caveboy Edwin (yes, Edwin) announces to his preoccupied parents, “Me hungry!” 

They each respond, “Me busy!” 

And so the caveboy sets off on his own hunting mission. 

Not sure that rabbits and porcupines were around in prehistoric times, but this book is not about factual authenticity. It’s a tasty reading snack, not to be intensely analyzed. 

Tankard uses ink and digital media to create simple images with barren, monochromatic backgrounds which I assume are intended to set a primitive tone. Told in simple one-, two- and three-word sentence chunks befitting cavemen, young readers will delight in repeating the phrases. 

Parents may, however, have to caution their children when heading to grandma’s for Sunday dinner. Bold statements like “Me hungry!” may come off as utterly barbaric in certain settings. 
Cautionary remarks aside, me like Me Hungry!

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